• September 7, 2023
  • North America
  • Healthcare

Click Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Indivior to Develop and Commercialize Novel Prescription Digital Therapeutics in Substance Use Disorders

  • Exclusive multi-product agreement to develop and commercialize prescription digital therapeutics to treat substance use disorders.
  • Collaboration to start with a preliminary exploration phase to define the product scope of CT-102 to treat Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).
  • Click Therapeutics will receive upfront license and early development payments, and is eligible to receive additional regulatory and commercial milestones payments plus double-digit royalties on global sales, with the opportunity for a larger deal based on additional products.

NEW YORK – September 7, 2023 – Click Therapeutics today announced the execution of a new collaboration agreement with Indivior for the development and commercialization of prescription digital therapeutics to treat substance use disorders, beginning with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Through a novel mobile application, CT-102, the collaboration aims to help close major gaps in OUD treatment, such as access to high-quality, personalized psychosocial treatment.

Designed to work alongside pharmacotherapy, CT-102 will combine evidence-based behavioral therapy with tailored neuromodulatory interventions using Click’s AI-enabled platform to deliver personalized care to each patient. This collaboration will build on Indivior’s expertise in the commercialization of innovative treatments for substance use disorders and Click Therapeutics’ substantial real-world experience engaging patients seeking help with addiction.

Click will lead development with an iterative, patient-centric and evidence-based approach that leverages the company’s end-to-end development capabilities and proprietary technology platform. This phased process is designed to ensure CT- 102 will be launched as a best-in-class therapy supported by compelling evidence that will drive broad access and adoption. These efforts will start with a preliminary exploration phase to explore and define the product scope that will best match the needs of patients, providers and payers. More information will be available following completion of the exploration phase in 2024.

This is the fourth major co-development and commercialization collaboration to be announced that is based on Click Therapeutics’ clinically validated platform. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Click Therapeutics will be responsible for all technical and clinical development activities, as well as regulatory filings and technical services through commercialization. In return, Indivior will receive a global license to commercialize CT-102. Click Therapeutics will receive upfront license and early development payments, and is eligible to receive additional regulatory and commercial milestones plus double-digit royalties on global sales. In addition, there is an opportunity for a higher total deal value based on the potential development of additional products in the future.

About Click Therapeutics

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