• July 30, 2018
  • North America

CXtec Commemorates 40 Years of Growth, Seeks to Redefine IT Strategies

SYRACUSE, NY – July 30, 2018 – What started out as a home business 40 years ago has grown into North America’s largest secondary market hardware provider today!

CXtec®, North America’s largest secondary hardware provider, has announced plans to Redefine IT Strategy for all its customers by now offering a complete IT life cycle management program.

“We are committed to redefining our customer’s IT life cycle by creating exceptional value for them at every stage of their technology investment,” said Peter Belyea, CEO. “In this climate of diversified IT responsibilities, we’re helping organizations worldwide, from Omaha, Nebraska to Seoul, South Korea, rethink how they build, maintain, support and upgrade their technology infrastructures.”

CXtec customers can now utilize four key areas within the life cycle management program, hardware, maintenance, services and asset disposition, all of which can be accessed from any point within the cycle.

“The goal is to discover creative ways for our customers to recover value at every step of their journey, no matter when they enter the cycle, without sacrificing quality or peace of mind,” said Belyea.

“Blended hardware solutions allow our customers the best of both worlds,” said Belyea. “Having the ability to invest in blended solutions of new and pre-owned hardware puts them in full control of their infrastructure.”

CXtec empowers customers with choices of new hardware or its own brand of certified pre-owned equipment, equal2new®. The money customers save on equal2new® equipment can be used to improve other areas of their business. Extending the useful life of their hardware and upgrading at a pace that makes sense for their organization, then puts customer’s in total control of your technology strategy.

“Our team of highly trained, certified and field-tested technicians help our customer’s configure, install, set up, and support their environment,” said Belyea. “Our team has a wide vision of best practices, which enables us to help organizations across North America and around the globe.”

CXtec helps customers facilitate smooth data center transitions from physical to virtual infrastructure, and migrations to public or private cloud. And we provide secure onsite de-installation services, data sanitization practices, and more.

“We believe that an investment in third party maintenance is an investment in our customer’s independence,” said Belyea. “Customer’s free themselves from expensive OEM support plans, and get a solution that best fits their needs.”

CXtec offers RapidCare®, a flexible, customizable solution to help right-size a company’s third party maintenance support. Priced up to 50-60 percent lower than OEM support, RapidCare® is the cost-effective, reliable solution to guarantee a company’s hardware is protected.

IT Asset Disposition
“The addition of Atlantix now allows us to offer ITAD services across the global,” said Belyea. “CXtec can handle any project, at any scale, worldwide, and we offer cash or credit on account for our customer’s used gear, and no one pays more.”

CXtec now offers MindSafe™ data sanitization and destruction services, designed to protect customer’s data’s integrity and privacy, in an environmentally-responsible way. CXtec also provides data wiping and data destruction services to ensure its customer’s sensitive information is protected.

Life cycle management, the smartest, most cost-effective choice
“We believe that a complete life cycle management offering is the smartest way for our customers to do things,” said Beylea. “It’s how we help them become more agile, resourceful and proactive.”

By using blended solutions of hardware and support, customers can save money and achieve the ideal infrastructure. The capital customers save on their technology can create competitive advantages within their organization and open the door to focus on other profit-driving investments.

For a full life cycle management tour, visit www.cxtec.com

About CXtec
CXtec is North America’s largest secondary market hardware provider, offering a globally driven, full-service life cycle management program. By focusing on certified pre-owned hardware, third party maintenance, professional services and asset disposition, customers can maximize their technology life cycle. Our brands include: equal2new® certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment; RapidCare® our third-party maintenance offering and MindSafe™ our IT asset disposition sanitization and destruction services. CABLExpress®, a division of CXtec Inc., manufactures high-performance data center cabling products. Atlantix Global Systems, a division of CXtec Inc., is now one of the world’s largest resellers of enterprise-class, secondary market equipment. The CXtec world headquarters are located in Syracuse, NY. Visit www.cxtec.com.