• February 18, 2015
  • Europe, North America

Funambol and Telefónica Provide Personal Clouds for Millions of Movistar Spain Customers to Simplify Their Digital LifeMovistar Cloud unites user content and data in one place, makes it easily accessible on devices and simplifies sharing

FOSTER CITY, CA – February 18, 2015 – Funambol, the leading provider of white-label personal and business clouds for mobile providers, and Telefónica today announced that the Movistar Cloud, powered by Funambol, is now available for millions of Spanish customers. Movistar Cloud simplifies the digital life of users by automatically securing their personal content and data in a private cloud account. The service allows easy access of this content on a user’s devices and makes it simple to share with other people.

“Funambol-based personal clouds have been successfully deployed by Telefónica operators for millions of users worldwide,” said Javier Cobo Martinez, Digital Services B2C Movistar Spain Director at Telefónica. “We are excited to make the Movistar Cloud, powered by Funambol, available for customers in Spain to simplify their digital life.”

Although there are an estimated two billion personal cloud accounts worldwide, most personal clouds are device-specific or file-centric, relegating them for use as a backup or as ‘cloud drives’. This is not a compelling value proposition for mobile consumers. In contrast, the Movistar Cloud is a cross-device solution that is designed to simplify the digital life of mobile consumers. It centralizes their personal content and data, auto-organizes it and makes it available across their devices, and allows sharing via email, social networks and online media services. Movistar Cloud actively engages users to make its use stickier than device or file-based clouds.

“Outside the U.S., consumers are likely to use an operator cloud than an OTT service as the operator cloud is seen as more trustworthy and relevant to their daily life,” said Amit Chawla, Funambol CEO. “Tier 1/2 operators globally are addressing this need and competing with OTT services by deploying their own branded personal clouds that increase relevancy with subscribers to reduce churn and increase revenue.”

About Funambol
Funambol is the leading provider of white-label personal and business clouds for mobile providers. Funambol solutions have been deployed by mobile operators, device manufacturers, content providers, system integrators and other companies in the mobile industry. For more information, visit us at Mobile World Congress (Hall 6 booth 6I30) or at www.funambol.com.