• May 24, 2011
  • North America

Gloto Selects Loc-Aid to Location-Enable Mobile/Social Consumer Experiences for Major Brands and PublishersLOC-AID® Powers Gloto's Multi-Channel Platform to Enable Location-Aware, Mobile Social Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 24, 2011LOC-AID Technologies®, Inc., the world’s first and largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company, and Gloto, a leading mobile/social engagement SaaS company, today announced that Gloto’s multi-channel platform is powered with location data by LOC-AID, to enable context and location-aware experiences for consumers. Gloto’s patented mobile/social platform allows enterprises like Barnes & Noble, Google/YouTube, Syfy Channel, Bravo, Telemundo, Wyndham Hotel Group, and Yahoo!, to deliver powerful multi-channel consumer experiences.

“Gloto offers one of the most powerful mobile/social media platforms on the market,” said Shara Zoll, VP of Operations at Syfy Channel, a division of NBC Universal. “We’ve successfully leveraged their location-based services for synchronized live television experiences in the past and adding carrier-based location will undoubtedly further strengthen their product.”

Eric Conn, CEO & Co-Founder of Gloto, sees location-based mobile experiences as ‘game changing.’ He said, “Savvy consumers are utilizing their mobile devices to discover real-time content, connect with the physical world around them, and enhance their entertainment and shopping experiences. They are looking for targeted coupons and advertisements that are both timely and relevant to them. By incorporating location data from LOC-AID, we are providing maximum market reach for NBC Universal and other customers while making their consumer campaigns more meaningful and context-aware.”

Rip Gerber, President & CEO of LOC-AID, said, “Location-aware communications from advertisers give consumers a shopping experience that they desire and need. By incorporating location data from LOC-AID in the multi-channel platform, Gloto will now be able to offer a more meaningful engagement experience between retailers and consumers.

“We are committed to providing the best experience to customers like Gloto that need end-to-end services in location management. We assume the responsibility of carrier negotiations, programming, and subscriber data access for our customers, making it simple and easy for them to location-enable their applications and platforms.”

LOC-AID’s LaaS platform protects the privacy and security of customers while offering developers a single API and a consistent way to create applications that use devices’ location information to provide value-added information and services in many vertical applications, including, fraud prevention, proximity marketing, and asset tracking/monitoring.

Thousands of mobile app developers are using LOC-AID’s award-winning single API platform and developer services to build innovative location-based applications for enterprises in a variety of vertical markets. Developers can access the single API at LOC-AID’s Developer Zone at http://developer.loc-aid.com/

About LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.
LOC-AID operates the world’s largest and most secure Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) and allows mobile developers to locate over 350 million devices for enterprise authentication, fraud management, and hyper-local marketing, all through a single, privacy protected API. LOC-AID’s gateway partners include América Móvil, AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, Telcel, Telus, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. LOC-AID also offers a portfolio of location-enablement services including geo-fencing, geo-coding, map appends, and location analytics. For more information, visit www.loc-aid.com.

About Gloto Corp.
Gloto™ provides a patented mobile/social technology platform for agencies, brands, and publishers to attract and engage their audience while amplifying reach. Whether powering interactive social campaigns, providing location-based mobile experiences, or building persistent features on brand websites or social networks, Gloto enables engagement. With automated content moderation and simple campaign management and analysis tools, the Gloto Media Platform enables Gloto clients to deliver fun, brand-safe experiences to their users, incorporating rich brand messaging with consumer-generated shared media. Marketers can now create integrated, cross-channel campaigns through a single platform, decreasing costs while increasing real-time results.

Shauli Chaudhuri
LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.