• February 1, 2018
  • Europe

ISE 2018: Collaboration Solutions Expert AVI-SPL Says Companies Spark Success by Creating Meaningful Experiences for Customers and EmployeesThe global collaboration technology and services provider invites attendees at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 to discover new workplace solutions, discuss strategic insight with experts at AVI-SPL’s booth 11-B130

AMSTERDAM – February 1, 2018 – Exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, AVI-SPL, a global service provider specialising in communications and collaboration technology, will showcase today’s top workplace technology, while offering expert guidance, and detailing the organisational benefits for creating meaningful experiences for customers and employees.

A widely-used term by AVI-SPL, “meaningful experiences,” is the positive, emotional outcome felt by an organisation’s key stakeholders that can influence the company’s overall success. For organisations to create these meaningful experiences, implementing the right unified communications and collaboration technology solutions plays a critical role. The benefits include improved internal communication and culture, simplified processes, enhanced employee engagement, quicker speed to market, and increased customer satisfaction.

Multiple studies have found that employees and customers who have a sense of purpose and emotional connection with a company, are more likely to continue their relationship with, and become influential advocates for, an organisation. With the speed of technology development on top of the current abundance of solutions, organisations can struggle with identifying the correct path to follow, and generate an adverse effect – disengaged employees and impatient, frustrated customers.

“Identifying the correct technology roadmap and implementing it effectively to assure employee adoption can be an arduous process for a company to handle internally,” said John Zettel, CEO of AVI-SPL. “That’s where an experienced, independent provider can be highly advantageous.”

As a global collaboration solutions provider, AVI-SPL assists organisations across all geographies, including 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies, to enhance employee and customer experiences through technology. With its widespread international partner network, AVI-SPL works hand-in-hand with organisations in over 100 countries, providing expert strategy, design, integration, and managed services.

During ISE 2018, AVI-SPL’s collaboration experts will be available to offer strategic guidance to attendees seeking insight on how they can achieve their business goals and eliminate pain points.

Symphony 4.2 at AVI-SPL’s Booth 11-B130
Part of AVI-SPL’s award-winning managed services platform, Symphony 4.2 is a monitoring and management tool for AV, video, and unified communications and collaboration systems. Symphony provides vital statistics to monitor each system’s performance, launches video calls, and streamlines the way your meetings are organised, monitored, and managed. The first of its kind, Symphony is the leading management platform to give a holistic, single view of customer meeting environments and deliver actionable analytics on their use and performance. Not yet released to the public, ISE attendees will be the first to view version 4.2 prior to its launch this Spring.

To learn more about AVI-SPL at ISE, or to schedule a meeting with a collaboration expert, visit the event site.

For more information on all AVI-SPL has to offer, visit AVISPL.com

AVI-SPL is a global business partner providing AV and UC technology solutions and award-winning managed services to create vibrant, collaborative experiences and transformative innovations. With the industry’s most certified experts, AVI-SPL’s highly-trained team works hand-in-hand with organisations across all geographies to strategise, design, deploy, manage and support AV and UC solutions that improve business outcomes through enhanced employee and customer experiences. Visit AVISPL.com to learn more, or connect with AVI-SPL on Twitter and LinkedIn.