• October 18, 2010
  • North America

Lancope Announces StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 to Extend Network Visibility with NetFlowNew Appliance Cost-Effectively Extends Network Visibility Into Branch Offices and Remote Locations By Generating NetFlow Enriched with Packet Level Performance Metrics

ATLANTA, GA – October 18, 2010 – Lancope, Inc., the leader in NetFlow™ collection and analysis and provider of StealthWatch for flow-based network performance and security monitoring, today announced its newest product, the StealthWatch FlowSensor 250, a lower capacity, compact form-factor appliance that extends network visibility into branch offices and remote locations by generating NetFlow enriched with packet level performance metrics and behavioral indicators. The newest member of the StealthWatch System product family, the StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 will be generally available and shipping in December, 2010.

The StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 appliance is ideally suited for organizations like healthcare institutions, government agencies and retailers that have hundreds of disparate locations for which they need network visibility but NetFlow is not natively available. By passively monitoring network traffic and creating NetFlow records for detailed analysis by the StealthWatch Flow Collector or any NetFlow v9-capable flow collector, the StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 cost-effectively extends network visibility for optimizing network and security operations at a fraction of the cost of traditional probe-based devices.

By leveraging NetFlow to monitor all network communications, StealthWatch dramatically reduces Mean-Time-to-Know (MTTK) for identifying and troubleshooting network issues faster than ever. StealthWatch provides borderless network visibility to isolate the root cause and restore performance quickly and efficiently, whether malware, botnets, policy violations or misconfigured network devices.

The StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 helps organizations with branch offices and remote locations:

  • Achieve comprehensive network visibility down to the individual IP flow
  • Pinpoint security-related network problems
  • Troubleshoot network latency and application performance problems

“Today, the vast majority of IT teams lack adequate visibility into their network, which leads to increased Mean-Time-to-Know. Our enterprise customers not only manage the datacenter and headquarters, but also have tens or even hundreds of small remote office locations that require network supervision,” said Adam Powers, CTO of Lancope. “Providing a scalable alternative to expensive probes throughout the network, Lancope developed the StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 to give organizations a low cost, flow-based solution for achieving total visibility into areas that do not support NetFlow.”

Availability & Pricing
Available in (North America and Europeonly)December 2010, introductory pricing for the StealthWatch FlowSensor 250 begins at $2,995 USD. Organizations can direct the FlowSensor 250 to Lancope’s Flow Collector or any NetFlow v9 capable solution. For existing Lancope customers, the FlowSensor 250 operates as another NetFlow exporter. Current customers can contact their account manager or Lancope Customer Care at support@lancope.com. For more information, contactLancope at sales@lancope.com.