• April 27, 2010
  • North America

Lancope Demonstrates Suspect Data Loss Alarm in NetFlow-based StealthWatch System at InfoSecurity Europe 2010

ATLANTA AND LONDON (InfoSecurity Europe 2010) – April 27, 2010 -Lancope, Inc., the leader in NetFlow™ collection and analysis and the provider of the StealthWatch® System for flow-based network performance and security monitoring, today announced that it will demonstrate the Suspect Data Loss alarm in StealthWatch at Infosecurity Europe at Stand E24. Enhancing StealthWatch’s ability to protect organizations against data leakage and improving end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual networks, the new alarm alerts organizations of potential data extrusions regardless of data format, protocol or encryption technique.

Recent studies show that the average organizational cost of a single data breach is close to $7M and rising(1). Recognizing that data loss prevention is a top priority for most organizations, Lancope developed the alarm, which detects anomalous data transfer from any point on the network to the Internet. Specifically, StealthWatch quickly identifies unusual network behavior indicative of data loss and provides details about the users involved, the amount of data transferred, the services used, how long the communications lasted and if it was a recurring event. StealthWatch is the only flow-based solution that reduces data loss and scales to monitor global networks for security, network performance, and virtual operations – all from a single platform.

The StealthWatch Suspect Data Loss alarm works with any data format or protocol, including unstructured data schemes commonly used to store employee identification numbers and private health information. Other data loss prevention tools require packet-level visibility to detect employee identification, credit card and social security numbers leaving the network. This requires the deployment of expensive probes throughout the network, as well as resource-intensive manual configuration and maintenance. Unlike traditional DLP tools, StealthWatch neither sits inline on the network nor requires probes. Rather, StealthWatch collects and analyzes flow telemetry to cost-effectively deliver visibility across physical and virtual networks. Extending visibility down to the user identity level, StealthWatch connects network activity with individual user names, not just IP addresses, to significantly improve audit controls for regulatory compliance.

Offering organizations increased control of their networks, StealthWatch enables immediate mitigation actions when a breach is detected, from triggering a deeper analysis to blocking a specific transaction from completing to provide time for investigation. All baselines and blocking actions can be easily modified, including exceptions for traffic amount thresholds.

“Data loss prevention is top of mind for many organizations, especially when the costs associated with a breach continue to rise and regulators impose stiff penalties for losing customer records,” said Adam Powers, CTO of Lancope. “Designed to complement Data Loss Prevention technologies, the Suspect Data Loss alarm uses NetFlow to detect suspicious uploads without requiring payload content analysis. By leveraging flow telemetry for detailed network visibility, StealthWatch is ideally suited to detect and prevent data breaches-without expensive probes and time-consuming configuration and maintenance.”

For more information about how StealthWatch supports Data Loss Prevention (DLP), visit http://www2.lancope.com/l/2382/2010-03-22/153DP/2382/21977/Data_Loss_Prevention_print.pdf or stop by the Lancope Stand E24 at InfoSecurity Europe 2010.

About Lancope
Lancope®, Inc. is the leader in NetFlow collection and analysis and the provider of the StealthWatch® System for flow-based network performance and security monitoring. StealthWatch delivers unmatched scalability, best-in-class problem resolution work flow, and the industry’s only unified platform for managing network, security and virtual operations. Delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. Both OPSEC and Common Criteria-certified, StealthWatch monitors the networks of Global 2000 organizations, academic institutions and government entities worldwide. Lancope also partners with fellow best-of-breed solution providers through its Technology Alliance Program, which includes Cisco Systems, Brocade, Blue Coat, VMware, IBM Tivoli, Check Point, TippingPoint, ArcSight and A10 Networks. Lancope is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit http://www.lancope.com/.

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