• August 12, 2013
  • North America

Lancope Protects the Data Center from Advanced AttacksComplimentary webinar to shed light on dangerous data center blind spots

ATLANTA – August 12, 2013Lancope, Inc., a leader in network visibility and security intelligence, provides end-to-end protection for enterprise infrastructure, including within the data center where many organizations have limited insight. The company will present a complimentary webinar on Thursday, August 22 at 11:00 a.m. eastern time to demonstrate how organizations can eliminate dangerous network blind spots within the data center, and defend their assets from nefarious attacks including advanced malware, APTs, insider threats and DDoS.
“The data center is a crucial component of today’s government and enterprise infrastructure, housing the critical servers and systems required to conduct business on a 24/7 basis,” said Matt McKinley, product marketing manager for Lancope. “In light of the constant wave of security breaches making headlines around the world, organizations are bolstering their network defenses with perimeter- and signature-based technologies, but unfortunately those tools provide little protection for the data center, where the majority of corporate assets and data are stored.”
In order to adequately secure the data center, organizations require in-depth visibility into the internal network to quickly detect and mitigate anomalies that could signify risks. Join Lancope to learn about the different types of attacks targeting today’s data centers, and how organizations can leverage their existing network resources to:

  • Obtain in-depth visibility into the data center network
  • Gather advanced security intelligence from across the entire network
  • Improve incident response, forensics and compliance
  • Prevent devastating data loss

Lancope’s StealthWatch® System collects and analyzes NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data to deliver advanced security intelligence from network edge to access, including for virtual systems. Deployed on the local network, or at a private or outsourced data center, the StealthWatch system profiles the normal behavior of the network and alerts administrators when a change occurs – regardless of the cause or source. StealthWatch also includes additional levels of visibility – including application, identity and mobile awareness – to further improve troubleshooting and risk posture.

Details for the upcoming webinar are as follows:
WHO:            Matt McKinley, Product Marketing Manager, Lancope
WHAT:          “Eliminate Network Blind Spots with Data Center Security”
WHEN:          Thursday, August 22, 11:00 a.m. Eastern / 8:00 a.m. Pacific
REGISTER: http://www.lancope.com/company-overview/webinar/data-center-security/
For further details on leveraging NetFlow to secure the data center, go to: http://www.lancope.com/resource-center/market-briefs/data-center-visibility/.

About Lancope
Lancope, Inc. is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data, Lancope’s StealthWatch® System helps organizations quickly detect a wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insider threats. Through pervasive insight across distributed networks, including mobile, identity and application awareness, Lancope accelerates incident response, improves forensic investigations and reduces enterprise risk. Lancope’s security capabilities are continuously enhanced with threat intelligence from the StealthWatch Labs research team. For more information, visit www.lancope.com.


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