• September 29, 2010
  • North America

Lancope’s NetFlow-based StealthWatch Platform Addresses Next-Generation Application Delivery 2.0 ChallengesStealthWatch Uses NetFlow-based Network Behavior Analysis for Application, Network and Security Monitoring

ATLANTA, GA – September 29, 2010Lancope, Inc., the leader in NetFlow™ collection and analysis and provider of StealthWatch for flow-based network performance and security monitoring, today announced that its award-winning StealthWatch platform is best-suited to help Global 2,000 corporations overcome next-generation Application Delivery 2.0 challenges. Enterprises are facing new challenges due to the emergence of a sophisticated mobile workforce, growth in cybercrime, virtualization and cloud computing.

Industry analysts, including Jim Metzler of Ashton, Metzler & Associates, recommend that IT organizations develop application delivery strategies to address both existing and next-generation challenges. For example, Application Delivery 2.0 challenges leave IT administrators with many daunting tasks on a daily basis to ensure optimal network performance and security, including: identifying the root cause of degraded application performance, preventing cyber threats and Denial of Service attacks and identifying the business network components that most closely support the business critical applications. Metzler’s latest research report titled ‘The 2010 Handbook of Application Delivery’ is available online at http://www2.lancope.com/2010_Application_Delivery.

“The evolution of a new generation of network IT challenges increases the difficulty of ensuring acceptable application delivery. In order to be successful in this challenging environment, IT organizations need to develop a systematic approach to application delivery by implementing robust and scalable solutions such as StealthWatch,” said Metzler. “Successful application delivery requires that IT organizations are able to identify the applications running on the network and are also able to ensure the acceptable performance of the applications relevant to the business while controlling or eliminating applications that are not relevant.”

“Application delivery and visibility has become increasingly critical for managing enterprise networks. A growing mobile workforce, coupled with the explosion of new applications and increased use of virtual networks has created a greater risk of application and network performance disruptions. Exposure to threats from malware, data loss and other security breaches further acerbates these interruptions,” said Mike Potts, president and CEO, Lancope. “Business objectives require the assurance of continuous, prompt delivery of mission-critical applications across the enterprise. Our award-winning StealthWatch solution provides, end-to-end, borderless visibility for network performance and security monitoring through a single platform, offering Global 2,000 corporations the only real choice today.”

Lancope’s StealthWatch is ideally suited to address Application Delivery 2.0 challenges, including:

Emergence of a Sophiscated Mobile Workforce
The number of workers working remotely and the growth of wireless devices being used on corporate networks is rising as much as 50 percent annually. Coupled with growth of bandwidth consuming applications, including streaming video, peer-to-peer file sharing and social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter, IT administrators should leverage NetFlow to gain a better understanding of their network’s performance.

Sophistication of Cybercrime
According to some experts, each data breach can cost a company $7 million USD. StealthWatch enables IT administrators to quickly identify unusual network behavior indicative of data loss and provides details about the users involved, the amount of data transferred, the services used, how long the communications lasted and if it was a recurring event. StealthWatch is the only solution that reduces data loss and scales to monitor security,network performance, and virtual operations for global networks- all from a single platform.

Adoption of Cloud Computing
Corporations are adopting cloud computing strategies at varying rates and levels and Application Delivery 2.0 presents more integration challenges for IT administrators when determining which applications and services are delivered through the cloud. StealthWatch network monitoring functionality leverages NetFlow to actively detect network problems, security threats and internal employee misuse in real time across physical and virtual networks. It is able to detect and prioritize network performance issues, provide root cause determination and improve overall network performance.

About Lancope
Lancope®, Inc. is the leader in NetFlow collection and analysis and the provider of the StealthWatch® System for flow-based network performance and security monitoring. Delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. Both OPSEC and Common Criteria-certified, StealthWatch monitors the networks of Global 2000 organizations, academic institutions and government entities worldwide.