• March 30, 2009
  • North America

Location Aggregation Attracts Growing Numbers of LBS DevelopersLOC-AID Platform Provides Fortune 1000 and Specialty LBS Firms Single Point of
Access to Location Data across Carriers and Devices

Boca Raton, FL – March 30, 2009 -LOC-AID Technologies, Inc., the leader in end-to-end Location Aggregation, today announced a number of new relationships with location-based services developers, signaling growing demand for its Location Aggregation services and providing a window into the state of LBS application development. LOC-AID manages location data from any carrier network and makes it accessible to developers as a set of easy to use GUI APIs.

“LOC-AID delivers Aggregation with a ‘capital A,’ meaning location information that spans carriers and devices,” said Greg Skibiski, CEO, Sense Networks. “This distinction is important to location-based services developers like Sense Networks, because we want our applications to leverage and reach as many subscribers as possible, not just a subset of them limited by the carrier or handset they use.”

Reaching over 120 million subscribers in North America and growing (please see separate press release announced today), LOC-AID is working with a constellation of Fortune 1000 companies and LBS specialty developers to deliver a variety of new location-based services applications, including:

Sense Networks (www.sensenetworks.com) – The company’s platform, Macrosense, receives location data in real-time, analyzes it and stores it in a way that can be easily queried to better understand aggregate human activity. The company’s first consumer application, Citysense, is for local nightlife discovery and social navigation, answering the question “I wonder where everybody is right now?”

Finsphere (www.finsphere.com) – The firm’s Mobile Identity Protection platform is based on a simple but compelling premise: consumers are rarely without their cell phones. Finsphere helps consumers and financial institutions tackle fraud by linking transaction verification to a customer’s cell phone location.

Crisp Wireless (www.crispwireless.com) – Crisp Wireless powers mobile websites and provides advertising services for the largest, premier mobile publisher networks, attracting one-third of mobile web users in the United States. By layering in location information to its services, Crisp Wireless is continuing to hone how mobile advertising is targeted and delivered.

AskKinjo (www.askkinjo.com) – Canada’s AskKinjo provides location-based voice services to provide callers an array of useful information, including up-to-the minute traffic data, where to find the cheapest gasoline, or locate a well-reviewed restaurant. Voice LBS means hands-free and eyes-free for safety while driving.

In addition to these firms, LOC-AID is working closely with a number of Fortune 1000 companies as they develop location-based services in the following areas: financial services, mobile marketing, alerts/notification, M2M/AVL control, messaging and search.

“LOC-AID’s value proposition as the one stop shop for location information in North America is starting to take off,” said Isaias Sudit. “Taken together, our developer relationships and carrier agreements highlight a common, unifying desire in the mobile industry to get to the promised land of LBS – a vital and varied set of applications available to all – more quickly and intelligently. LOC-AID is gratified to play an active and important role in this evolution and help LBS reach its full potential.”

The LOC-AID Location platform emulates the proven business model of messaging aggregation, which helped issue in a new era in wireless data use, application development, and carrier revenue enhancement. Location aggregation is poised to open up the location market just as messaging aggregation expedited the standardization and interoperability of messaging in North America. Industry analyst firm ABI projects the LBS market will reach $13.3 billion by 2013, up from $515 million in 2007.

About LOC-AID Technologies
LOC-AID Technologies Inc. is an award-winning, privately-owned company backed by Tier 1 venture firms, that specializes in Location Aggregation platforms and customized wireless mobile-data solutions. The company’s technology integrates wireless location information into any service or application, making it easier to deliver location into any development environment and help optimize and monetize LBS revenue. LOC-AID is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. For more information visit www.loc-aid.net.

LOC-AID is a registered trademark of LOC-AID Technologies Inc.

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