• January 16, 2009
  • North America

Mobile World Congress Panel Will Analyze the Right Strategy for LBS

BOCA RATON, FL – January 16, 2009 – LOC-AID Technologies Inc., a leader in location-based services (LBS) and innovator of end-to-end location aggregation, will be presenting an in-depth look at the evolving location-based services market on February 18th, 2009 at the GSMA World Congress Barcelona Spain. Isaias Sudit, founder and CEO of LOC-AID will share his unique perspective on how different strategies generate revenue from location data and seek to define how new technologies combined with next stage traditional solutions will create a significantly better experience for the user. Mr. Sudit will share his company’s experience in deploying enhanced LBS solutions for multiple customers to highlight the fast paced growth in the mobile industry. In particular, he will summarize some of the unique characteristics of LBS market evolution, including how location technologies are combined to deliver on-deck and off-deck solutions across a range of price-points, and how LBS aggregation is the next step beyond navigation.

Isaias has built three businesses, all within the location based service industry. General Dynamics acquired the very first venture, Datumtech, in 1997. The second venture, Datumcom was founded in 1995 and became the leading international supplier of vehicle-based positioning services and infrastructures. Datumcom transitioned into the field of telematics (the intersection of communications, computing and vehicles) and recognized the symbiotic relationship between global positioning systems and cellular communication networks. As a result, the third venture came into existence with the decision to develop applications and end-to-end location services for the mobile user. LOC-AID Technologies, Inc. was founded to focus solely on this developing LBS market.

WHO: Isaias Sudit, founder & CEO, LOC-AID Technologies Inc.

TITLE: “Finding the Right Strategy for Location Based Services ”

WHEN: GSMA World Congress – between 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Thursday February 18th, 2009

WHERE: Barcelona, Spain

Web: http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/conf.shtml

About LOC-AID Technologies

LOC-AID, based in Boca Raton FL, is an award-winning location-based services (LBS) provider, with the first fully integrated LBS aggregation platform. For more information, visit www.loc-aid.net