• September 30, 2010
  • North America

Nexidia Addresses Speech Analytics in New Book "Advances In Speech Recognition"Company's Chapter Covers Development of Speech Analytics Technology and Applications for Its Use to Improve Contact Center Operations

ATLANTA GA – September 30, 2010Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced its participation with a chapter in the new book, edited by Dr. Amy Neustein, “Advances in Speech Recognition: Mobile Environments, Call Centers and Clinics.” Published by Springer and available in September 2010, the book provides a forum for today’s speech technology industry leaders to discuss the challenges, advances and aspirations of voice technology, which has become part of the working machinery of everyday life for consumers, corporations and healthcare providers both in the military and in the private sector.

Nexidia’s chapter, co-authored by Nexidia’s VP of Incubation Marsal Gavaldà, Ph.D. and VP of Marketing & Business Development Jeff Schlueter, is titled “The Truth is Out There – Using Advanced Speech Analytics to Learn Why Customers Call Help-line Desks and How Effectively They’re Being Served by the Call Center Agent.” This chapter covers the latest advances in speech analytics technology, and discusses the application of speech analytics for delivering meaningful business intelligence from the daily interactions that occur between customers and agents in the call center environment.

As a pioneer in this industry, Nexidia has developed a patented phonetic indexing and search methodology which has proven to be the most effective process for analyzing audio content, and which delivers business intelligence to help improve contact center operations and drive better agent performance. In the book chapter, Nexidia spells out:

  • The history of large scale audio search technology, and why the phonetic indexing method was developed to improve upon the traditional “speech-to-text” approaches formerly available;
  • The advantages provided by the phonetic indexing methodology in terms of greater accuracy of search, economic scalability for large data sets and extensibility to other types of analysis within the audio; and,
  • The application of the technology to improve contact center operations by providing relevant business intelligence from interactions between customers and agents, which is used to lower operating costs and improve overall agent performance.

“Understanding where speech analytics technology fits into contact center operations is critical to a company’s long-term operational success,” said John Willcutts, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia Inc. “This chapter details the power behind phonetic indexing and how that technology edge delivers greater value in the form of business intelligence. Nexidia is committed to helping companies achieve maximum return on investment so they can deliver the best service possible to their customers.”

This book serves as a useful reference guide for speech software developers, speech engineers and others interested in the field of speech technology. Nexidia joins other high caliber contributors from the corporate and academic research worlds, respectively. Other companies represented include: Google, Vlingo, Nuance, SpeechCycle, Convergys and TMA Associates. The academics are from Columbia University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the University of Ulm, and schools in India and Canada.

Available in September, “Advances in Speech Recognition” can be purchased here

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