• August 2, 2010
  • North America

Nexidia Announces Release of AudioFinder 3.0Latest Version of Application Showcases Core Speech Analytics Technology with Enhanced Scalability, Increased Search Accuracy and New Features for Audio Investigation 

ATLANTA, GA – August 2, 2010Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced the release of Nexidia AudioFinder 3.0, the stand-alone application that provides full-featured index, classification and search of audio-video content. AudioFinder 3.0 is powered by the breadth of core, patented technologies that Nexidia has developed since its inception. Among the enhanced features in this release are significant improvements in the application’s scalability and new techniques that deliver greater accuracy when searching even the most challenging content.

AudioFinder represents a powerful but easy-to-use application that provides the full benefits of Nexidia’s market-leading speech analytics technology in an application that can be loaded on a single laptop or desktop computer. This provides great flexibility and portability so speech analytics can be deployed in situations where a server-based solution is not necessary or possible.

Companies and organizations challenged with reviewing and searching for discrete topics in audio content are rapidly turning to Nexidia AudioFinder. In the past, searching audio has been a manual, time-consuming process. For example, an investigating authority, regulatory agency, military or civilian intelligence bureau, or prison investigator often has to listen through hundreds or thousands of hours of audio – an immense undertaking where there is never enough manpower. On average, this process takes about four hours of human time to effectively review one hour of audio, and results can be subjective. Using Nexidia AudioFinder, these organizations have the ability to index and quickly search through all of this content in order to respond to a regulatory or discovery request or an internal investigation, significantly reducing the time and cost of reviewing large amounts of audio.

AudioFinder 3.0 incorporates many of the core, patented technologies that have made Nexidia the market leader in advanced speech analytics solutions. Some of the features highlighted and improved in AudioFinder 3.0 include:

  • Enhanced Scalability: The internal file handling capacity has been tripled, allowing users to handle much larger data sets with no impact to performance. In addition, AudioFinder can now import indexed audio files directly from Nexidia’s flagship application, Nexidia Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI). ESI provides the industrial strength to index up to 30,000 hours of audio per day on a single server. When coupled with AudioFinder, this makes an excellent solution for organizations that have a centralized collection point for audio content but require flexible review in sites that often don’t have reliable network access.
  • Improved Search Accuracy: Nexidia’s patented phonetic indexing and search technology has continually led the market with its accuracy in even the most difficult types of audio, including that coming from prison phone systems, wire taps and even wireless intercepts. AudioFinder 3.0 includes the latest enhancements to Nexidia’s search process which increases accuracy by up to 30%. This higher level of precision and recall further reduces the time required to investigate large amounts of audio content.
  • Search by Example: AudioFinder includes two ways to help reviewers find content by example. This is often important when reviewers are searching audio that is not in their native language. Reviewers start by entering a search phrase that matches their target as closely as possible, or by identifying a specific segment of audio that contains the desired term. The Pronunciation Optimization feature helps refine the original search criteria and provides an optimized query that delivers accurate results across the full content. These optimized queries can be saved and even distributed to other AudioFinder users to speed their review process.
  • Language Identification & Multi-Language Search: A common requirement in many investigations is dealing with conversations in multiple languages. AudioFinder 3.0 includes Nexidia’s Language ID, which automatically detects which languages are being spoken and flags each file accordingly. The application can then index each recording in the appropriate language and reviewers can be assigned based on their language abilities. Nexidia supports more than 35 languages worldwide, and reviewers can search in native script with Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, and other languages that do not use standard Western characters.
  • Improved Sharing of Search Results: AudioFinder 3.0 incorporates new methods to help reviewers annotate and share the results of their investigation. Reviewers can easily organize files into multiple sets, and flexible export options allow sending both the audio files and their meta-data in different formats. New in AudioFinder 3.0 is the ability to select, save and export specific segments of an audio file, to facilitate review and playback outside the application.

“Nexidia is extending its leadership role by developing truly useful applications that leverage its research and development in speech analytics,” said John Willcutts, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia. ”AudioFinder is making inroads across industries – from government and military intelligence to smaller call centers, the legal market, 9-1-1 operations and law enforcement agencies. Even organizations with broad regulatory oversight such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rely on Nexidia AudioFinder to provide reliable investigation of audio content.”

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