• July 28, 2010
  • North America

Nexidia Enhances Contact Center PortfolioNew Packages Provide Greater Flexibility to Implement Speech Analytics Solutions Tailored to Specific Contact Center Needs 

ATLANTA, GA – July 28, 2010Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced a series of enhancements to its Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) Product Suite to provide more options for contact centers to implement the capabilities that will have the most impact for their organizations. These changes are in response to the maturation of the market for speech analytics and a better understanding of the different need sets that have evolved. As the recognized leader in this space, Nexidia is taking this step to make it easier for customers to apply speech analytics across all areas of traditional contact center workforce optimization, including quality, performance management and business process improvement.

With enhancements to the Nexidia portfolio driven by practical experience in the marketplace, Nexidia is providing greater flexibility and more options for how customers can implement the technology to support their operations. With some renaming of existing products, the Enterprise Speech Intelligence suite now includes the following components:

  • Nexidia Discover provides automated topic and trend identification to support rapid and “hands-free” understanding of the common themes that are occurring in the contact center.
  • Nexidia Search provides in-depth, ad-hoc search for spoken topics across any amount of recorded content. With Nexidia Search, contact center analysts, managers and even executives are just one click away from “the voice of the customer” – with the ability to drill into and listen to the actual calls behind any result. This provides a broader understanding of contact center activity.
  • Nexidia Analyze provides scalable call categorization, root cause analysis, first call resolution (FCR), and in-depth reporting and analysis of call trends including talk time vs. non-talk time, analysis of means, and other advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Nexidia Evaluate uses the analysis and intelligence gained from Nexidia Analyze to track quality and manage performance across contact center sites, teams and even individual agents. Managers create quality initiatives that tie directly to strategic corporate goals.
  • Nexidia Capture taps directly into either traditional or VoIP networks to capture and record phone calls and meta-data, bypassing the need for legacy recording equipment. Nexidia Capture can also record agent desktop screen content during a transaction.
  • Nexidia Scan performs real-time analysis of audio to drive information to agent desktops and improve the performance and efficiency of contact center personnel.

Having pioneered the role of speech analytics in contact centers, Nexidia has seen a shift in understanding and acceptance of the technology, as well as the different types of uses that companies may have for it. For example, some companies may simply want an understanding of common themes that occur at any given time in their center, and the ability to search for calls relating to a specific matter, such as a product launch or promotion. Other companies can benefit by deriving a more thorough knowledge of the situations that drive calls into their contact centers. Nexidia offers analysis and reporting tools that let companies drill into and understand root cause of call traffic, manage first call resolution, and improve performance management to optimize contact center expenses.

To support these differing levels of need, Nexidia has created specific packaged editions of Nexidia Enterprise Speech Intelligence that combine the following products:

  • ESI Discovery Edition: Includes Nexidia Discover and Search. This introductory package provides automatic discovery and drill-down analysis so contact centers can easily track and monitor trends occurring in their customer transactions.
  • ESI Analysis Edition: Builds on the ESI Discovery Edition and includes Nexidia Analyze to provide complete call categorization, root cause analysis, first call resolution and advanced reporting and dashboard metrics for tracking contact center and customer activity.
  • ESI Quality Management Edition: Adds Nexidia Evaluate to apply speech analytics directly to quality and performance management of contact centers, teams and agents.
  • ESI Enterprise Management Edition: Adds Nexidia Capture to tap directly into a contact center’s network to capture call recordings and meta-data and provide a complete, robust speech analytics solution enterprise-wide.

“Nexidia’s product portfolio extends the benefits of speech analytics to improve all aspects of contact center operations,” said John Willcutts, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia Inc. “These new package options allow contact centers to more easily identify and purchase the specific products with the functionality that will address their business needs – all while delivering on our promise of providing quantifiable economic value to customers.”

For current and future customers, upgrade paths allow contact centers to start with one product or package and add new capabilities as needed. And all of Nexidia’s solutions are available either with a licensed installation or through Nexidia’s OnDemand secure hosted environment.

About Nexidia
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