• March 10, 2010
  • North America

Nuseal Brand Becomes Adherus

DURHAM, NC – March 10, 2010 – HyperBranch Medical Technology, Inc. announced today that it will begin to market their surgical sealants under a new product identity – Adherus Surgical Sealants.

The Adherus name will soon appear on all Company literature but the total transition in the market place will likely take several months to complete.

“The new identity brings continuity to our products and allows the end users – doctors, hospitals and nurses – to refer more effectively to our family of products. This is not an unusual change for companies like HyperBranch as they transition from a development company to an established organization in the market”… said John Conn, President and CEO.

HyperBranch’s Adherus product line is a family of synthetic hydrogels which polymerize in a moist field, set immediately upon application, and bio-degrades as the tissue heals. Adherus Surgical Sealants are CE marked and approved for sale outside the United States for ophthalmic, cranial, spine and hernia applications. The Company has also recently completed enrollment of a US FDA pilot study for its Adherus Dural Sealant in preparation for the expanded pivotal trial of the same product.

The Durham, N.C. medical device company has also been developing advanced surgical sealants for cardiovascular, pleural (lung), plastic surgery and other related surgical applications. These products are all at various stages of clinical and pre-clinical development and complement the existing CE Marked products.

About HyperBranch Medical Technology, Inc.
HyperBranch Medical Technology, a privately-held company based in Durham, N.C., is developing innovative medical devices for the ophthalmology, general, and specialty surgery markets. The company is focused on the development of unique products based on its novel hydrogel technology. For more information visit www.hyperbranch.com

Cheryl Hiser, Administrative Manager, info@hyperbranch.com, 919.433-3325