• April 1, 2009
  • North America

Optellios Unveils Self-Healing Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Newtown, PA – April 1, 2009 – Optellios, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection and communication products, today announced another advance for its fiber-optic sensor technology – a self-healing perimeter security system.

Unveiled this week at the ISC West exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, the FiberPatrol® FP1100-X reports intrusion alarms even after the sensing cable has been severed. The FP1100-X system eliminates cutting the cable as a common defeat strategy, thereby ensuring a previously unattainable level of perimeter security.

“We are proud to offer this much needed solution and to once again demonstrate our leadership in the area of intrusion sensing and physical perimeter security,” said Jay Patel, CEO of Optellios.

According to the company, when a fence sensor is cut, either by accident or in an attempt to defeat the security system, the FP1100-X immediately reports the incident, including its exact location. Moreover, the system retains the ability to detect and pinpoint intrusion attempts everywhere up to the cut point. A self-healing sensor ring can be implemented by installing an FP1100-X sensor in a closed loop configuration. Using a self-healing system ensures uncompromised site security until the cable can be repaired.

In addition to cut immunity, the FiberPatrol FP1100-X system has all of the essential features and benefits of the company’s FP1100 fence sensor series. The long-range system reports GPS coordinates of an attempted breach, which can be used for activating corresponding PTZ camera presets or for personnel dispatch. The location-sensing ability of an FP1100-X system enables it to ignore non-localized disturbances, such as those produced by wind. The FP1100-X is also immune to defeat by multiple simultaneous intrusions.

Any existing FP1100 installation can be upgraded to a cut-immune version without replacing the installed sensor cable. The same cable can be used for fiberoptic video and data transmission, which can also be implemented in a self-healing loop configuration. In many cases, an FP1100-X system can be deployed on an already installed fiberoptic cable, whether originally intended for sensing or communication.

About Optellios Inc.

Optellios, Inc., a leading U.S.-based fiberoptic technology company, is a provider of advanced solutions for sensing, security, and communication. Its FiberPatrol® line of security products leverages company’s pioneering patented fiberoptic sensor technologies to provide the most advanced and cost effective security solutions for military bases, airports, power plants, water treatment facilities, pipelines, secure data networks, and other critical infrastructures and high-value assets. For more information, visit www.optellios.com.

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