• August 25, 2010
  • North America

Page One Ventures Selects Nexidia to Enhance Customer Service OperationsSpeech Analytics Provides Real-Time Review of Social Media Calls and Delivers Significant Improvements to Contact Center Operations 

ATLANTA, GA – August 25, 2010Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced that Page One Ventures, a North American leader in management and technology solutions for social networking providers, has integrated Nexidia technology into its operations to improve contact center productivity and to provide a better experience for users of its phone-based social media services. By leveraging several components of Nexidia’s patented phonetic technology-including the award-winning Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) application for contact center productivity, as well as Nexidia’s “classifier” features that can detect language, gender and other speaker characteristics in real-time-Page One Ventures has seen a dramatic improvement in customer service and a noticeable reduction in operating expenses.

Page One Ventures has deployed Nexidia software in two ways. The first is in support of their network of phone-based social media services throughout North America. As part of these services, callers are required to record a short greeting before entering each session, and these greetings are screened to ensure an overall satisfactory user experience. Prior to working with Nexidia, a team of 83 agents was employed to manually screen these recordings, but even working 24/7 they could only cover about 5% of the total volume.

Using Nexidia’s highly scalable phonetic indexing and search, along with Nexidia Classifiers – which can automatically detect gender and language – Page One Ventures has developed a process to automatically review 100% of caller greetings in real-time and forward to an agent only those that require manual intervention. Because of this, Page One Ventures has been able to reduce agent costs by more than 60% while at the same time screening every single greeting to ensure all customers have the best user experience possible.

Page One Ventures also manages contact center operations to provide direct support to end users, and it has deployed Nexidia’s Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) suite of products to improve agent performance, increase service levels and lower costs from these activities. Page One Ventures works with an outsourced call center agency, so improving agent productivity and lowering Average Handle Time (AHT) has a direct impact on their total service costs. But with the traditional, random-sampling approach to quality management, they were only able to review about 2% of calls each month for each agent, which did not provide enough information to coach and train them for improved performance.

With Nexidia ESI, the company is now able to review 100% of calls coming into the contact center and use this intelligence to ensure adherence to scripts, coach agents on general process issues and improve their call handling abilities. As a result, Page One Ventures’ first call resolution (FCR) has improved from 65% to 90%, delivering a significant improvement in service levels and reduction in overall call volume. This has contributed to a 50% reduction in average handle time (AHT), from 6 minutes to 3 minutes, and an improvement in average speed to answer (ASA). Because of these improvements to agent productivity, the Page One Ventures contact center is now able to handle a significant increase in calls without expanding the number of agents or overhead costs.

“Nexidia’s technology helped us in several areas, including our quality assurance process, which previously allowed us to listen to only a small sample of calls per agent per month,” said Jeff Prete, General Manager, Page One Ventures. “Now using Nexidia speech analytics, we are able to dramatically increase the volume of calls reviewed and conduct quality monitoring of our contact center with a much more rigorous set of data. This has resulted in an even better experience for all our customers.”

“With the push towards a higher level of customer service, contact centers now need to react and solve issues in real-time,” said John Willcutts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexidia. “Nexidia eliminates manual, inefficient processes and replaces them with streamlined automated ones, ensuring that contact center agents can focus improvements on key areas of importance. Page One Ventures has recorded an exceptional, tangible return on investment while elevating its promise of high service levels to the customer.”

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