• September 7, 2011
  • North America

Sixth Sense Media Selects LOC-AID Technologies to Deliver New Generation of Location-Aware Mobile Marketing Services

DURHAM, NC – September 7, 2011 – Sixth Sense Media, a provider of real-time mobile marketing, loyalty, and advertising solutions, today announced that they have selected LOC-AID Technologies®, Inc., a leading provider of network-based location data, to provide a location gateway service for their location-aware mobile marketing services. The agreement brings together technology from LOC-AID, which pioneered a service for real-time location for any device on any network in North America, with Sixth Sense Media’s globally-tested trigger-based marketing platform. The integrated service now allows brand marketers to send targeted location triggered marketing promotions to over 285 million consumers in North America.

This offering is the start of a new generation of proximity marketing and mobile engagement which focuses on behavioral profiling, segmented and personalized offers, and trigger-based marketing. Unlike existing location-based marketing services, Sixth Sense Media’s service offers a loyalty-centric approach where the goal is to market to and convert all customers in a brand’s opt-in list, not just those located within a geofenced area.

“At LOC-AID, we’re pleased to be working with Sixth Sense Media as they pioneer new services in the area of hyper-local and hyper-personalized mobile offers and content,” said Jeff Allyn, Vice President, Location Products and Direct Sales, LOC-AID. “We’re living in a time where consumers are interested in receiving relevant interactions with their favorite brands and retailers via their mobile devices and the combination of location, loyalty and commitment to privacy delivers on that superior experience.”

“Sixth Sense Media recognizes that mobile reach is a key tool for retailers and brands. Instead of sending generalized SMS messages, our solution allows mobile marketers to harness the power of location and trigger-based campaigns to send personalized and targeted messages to their mobile customer base that will drive footfall and loyalty,” said John Orlando, EVP Marketing and Business Development of Sixth Sense Media. “We are excited to partner with LOC-AID and to add this capability to our existing Smartphone offerings, which helps us deliver the most complete location-aware marketing solution in the industry.”

About Sixth Sense Media
Sixth Sense Media offers a real-time marketing platform and managed service that delivers highly personalized and interactive customer engagement via the mobile channel. Our solutions result in increased customer retention and greater brand engagement that drives conversion for both in-house products and services as well as
3rd party brands and affiliates.

The key to our customers’ success is in our unique lifecycle trigger marketing platform that leverages a mobile consumer’s real-time context (actions and location) with their past behavior and dynamic profile (demographics, purchases, history) for delivering “just-in-time” promotions. As a result, we enable companies to deliver a wide-range of micro-segmented, contextually relevant and personalized promotions that can reward loyal customers, retain customers who are at risk of churning, offer customers up-sell opportunities, and serve-up targeted advertisements.

Sixth Sense Media has its corporate headquarters in the Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC, USA with an additional office in Kolkata, India. For more information about Sixth Sense Media, please email marketing@sixthsensemedia.com.

About LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.
LOC-AID is a leading provider of network-based location data, offering the largest domestic footprint of coverage for Smartphones, Feature phones, M2M devices and any device connected to a carrier’s wireless network. LOC-AID provides an extensive portfolio of double opt-in location-based services and allows mobile developers to locate over 350 million wireless devices, real-time, all through a single, privacy protected API or Cloud based Location-as-a-Service application. LOC-AID’s gateway partners include América Móvil, AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, Telus, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. For more information, contact Mediarelations@loc-aid.com.
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