• November 17, 2011
  • North America

SpotXchange Offers Interactive and Social Video Advertising with Innovid’s iRoll AppsMSC Cruises Achieves a Fourfold Increase in Engagement Using iRoll Apps in SpotXchange Global Marketplace

DENVER, CO – November 17, 2011 – SpotXchange, Inc., the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, today announced a partnership with Innovid, the leading provider of interactive video advertising solutions, to offer SpotXchange advertisers a streamlined and unique way to increase brand engagement at scale by using Innovid’s iRoll Apps. With iRoll Apps, SpotXchange turns any pre-roll video ad campaign into an interactive user experience.

MSC Cruises (SUSA) Inc. recently completed the first phase of a 2-month-long video ad campaign with SpotXchange, using Innovid’s iRoll Apps. The campaign had an average engagement rate of 4 times the industry average. The campaign featured a 30-second pre-roll video, which had a link to the MSC Cruises Facebook page as well as the ability to play additional cruise videos on MSC’s YouTube channel directly in the ad unit.

“SpotXchange and Innovid have allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of our video ad and make it more compelling by adding an interactive element,” said Gail Nicolaus, VP Marketing and Public Relations of MSC Cruises. “The interactivity with the iRoll Apps allowed consumers to engage with our brand, direct them to videos of different cruise destinations, and helped increase the number of conversions, or consumers that booked vacations.”

With Innovid’s iRoll Apps users can share ads with their social networks, quickly locate stores, see more images of the product and purchase items. Advertisers can integrate Facebook, YouTube and Twitter into their online video advertising, as well as offering consumers coupons, special offers, or the ability to purchase tickets, among many other options to further engage the viewer.

“This partnership with Innovid is yet another example of SpotXchange providing our clients with the leading products and services in the online video advertising industry,” said Michael Shehan, CEO and president of SpotXchange. “Using iRoll Apps within the robust SpotXchange marketplace proved to be a winning combination for MSC Cruises and we look forward to delivering similar results for all of our clients who use Innovid’s iRoll Apps.”

“iRoll Apps is an interactive dynamic video ad unit that provides advertisers with a new way to engage with users while watching ads and helps to increase engagement and time spent viewing an ad,” said Zvika Netter, CEO & co-founder of Innovid. “We are truly excited to partner with SpotXchange, a leader in the online video advertising industry, to help better serve their clients.”

About SpotXchange
SpotXchange (http://www.spotxchange.com) is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, reaching more than 110 million unique visitors each month in more than 20 countries. SpotXchange offers brand advertisers a scalable, efficient and measurable way to reach their desired audience with high-quality online video ads on premium websites around the world. Focused on performance, SpotXchange is a one-stop shop for advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and trading desks, offering a simple, automated way to increase the effectiveness of video ad campaigns. Using SpotXchange’s auction-based platform, publishers can maximize the value of their inventory by connecting with advertisers in a real-time bidding environment without sacrificing control. Each month, more than 300 major brand advertisers take advantage of SpotXchange’s real-time video ad platform, which offers automated optimization, advanced targeting tools, real-time bidding and flexible pricing models (cost per: view, engagement, click, thousand and acquisition) in an IAB-certified, brand-safe marketplace. SpotXchange is a Top 5 online video ad network in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada according to comScore’s VideoMetrix service.

About Innovid
Innovid’s platform provides seamless integration between interactive video advertising solutions, ad serving functionality, and reporting and analytics; empowering today’s marketers to engage and track their audiences more effectively than ever before. Innovid’s focus is on two elements: iRoll; the standard in interactive pre-roll, with acceptance across hundreds of the top publishers and every major video ad network. DYNAMO; Innovid’s Video AdServer and Analytics system, which provides baseline video serving and analytics for the majority of online video ads and a robust analytics dashboard that measures and tracks engagement at the deepest levels for iRoll enabled campaigns. Innovid is the only platform with the integration and scale needed by large advertisers and their agencies.