• May 8, 2007
  • North America

Zilker Labs’ Digital-DC Technology Drives Ericsson Digital Power StudyLatest Designs Improve Power Density by 300 Percent

AUSTIN, Texas – May 8, 2007 – Zilker Labs, Inc., today announced that its ZL2005 digital power conversion and management IC is featured in two experimental digital power module designs to support a case study presented by Ericsson Power Modules, a unit of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), at the PCIM China Conference held March 21-23 in Shanghai. Ericsson’s study definitively characterizes the strength of the ZL2005-based digital power modules as compared to a traditional analog implementation. In addition to the improvements in efficiency, cost, bill-of-materials and reliability that were previously demonstrated in the company’s September 2006 study, the latest designs are size and power-optimized and reflect improvements in current and power densities of up to 330 percent over the analog solution.

“We are pleased to support Ericsson’s continued efforts to advance power supply design using digital power technology,” said Jim MacDonald, vice president of product marketing at Zilker Labs. “There is no substitute for real-world demonstrations of an emerging technology, and the results of the study further validate the performance and integration benefits that digital power delivers.”

The paper detailing the comparison of the two solutions was presented on March 22, 2007, and is entitled “Digital Control Techniques Enabling Power Density Improvements and Power Management Capabilities.” Earlier paper, entitled “Performance Improvements for OEM System Designers – A Digital Control Case Study” was first presented at the Digital Power Forum in September 2006. Both papers can be accessed via www.zilkerlabs.com.

The ZL2005 combines a world-class digital power conversion architecture with comprehensive power management logic in a single IC. The ZL2005 is easily configurable with no user programming required and enables single-phase designs up to 40 A. The PCIM paper includes the industry’s first single-phase module design to achieve 40 A, more than doubling the capabilities of existing single-phase products. Zilker Labs also offers the ZL2105 integrated DC-DC converter for applications requiring less than 3A, complementing the ZL2005.

About Ericsson Power Modules
Ericsson Power Modules is a supplier of world-class DC/DC power modules for distributed power architectures. With its global design, development, manufacturing and sales network Ericsson Power Modules is a leading supplier of power solutions to meet the customer demand for high performance.


About Zilker Labs, Inc.
Zilker Labs enables unprecedented performance and design benefits with efficient, flexible, easy-to-use IC solutions. The company was founded in 2002 with the intent of applying unique mixed-signal techniques to resolve the growing challenges with implementing board-level power. The result is the company’s patented Digital-DCTM technology and its first family of innovative ICs targeted at embedded applications such as datacom, telecom, industrial control and other rack-based electronic systems. Zilker Labs is based in Austin, Texas, and has sales offices and engineering centers throughout the United States and Asia. For more information on Zilker Labs and its innovative Digital-DC technology, please visit www.zilkerlabs.com.